It’s about building your personal brand and business brand research you present to the world. How research about you or your projects are received impacts everything.

Introducing GoResearch.Me. GoResearch.Me is a membership platform powered by public figures, speakers, industry specialists, individuals, and their projects. The work of our members span across local developments to international projects and their personal brand research and business research is of top priority. GoResearch.Me offers one of the first membership platforms that is dedicated to providing engaging and progressive identity research services and project development tools to its members.

Our members are provided with a series of comprehensive tools and resources to help them take charge of their personal brand and project brand research. This supports how they are perceived within their industry, to prospective customers, and society. Social credibility today is measured greatly by how you’re researched, how many sources report on you, and how you’re professionally presented around the world.

Key Member Support Areas Include:

– Professional Credential Monitoring
– Work Experience & Skills Monitoring
– Entrepreneurial Endeavors Monitoring
– Community Engagement Tracking
– Achievement & Press Feature Tracking
– Reputation Management Advisement
– Project Development Advisement

A GoResearch.Me membership is valued by those in competitive industries, active community roles, high public visibility positions, or individuals taking charge of how you connect with them through research.

The Application Process: 

Having a relationship with a preexisting member and being nominated by that member is the preferred method for submission reviews. However, individuals and professionals are welcome to submit an e-mail of interest without a nomination. All submissions are to be sent to [email protected] with a detailed statement outlining the reasons of requesting membership and how the individual would benefit from being a member. The application review process can range from two weeks to over ninety days.

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Ideal Professions Interested In Our Membership:

Public Speakers 
Real Estate Agents 
Business Coaches 
Life Coaches 
Event Planners 
Medical Professionals 
Fashion Designers
College Students
Law Enforcement 
First Responders
Home-Based Businesses
Auto Sales