The sport of indoor skydiving raises the bar with how they’re making their players accessible to the world. Robert Pizzini, founder of the new USA Indoor Skydiving (USAIS) is taking the sport to new heights. USAIS has incorporated the use of GoResearch.Me’s Enterprise Account services to create a centralized platform for its players. These efforts support how their players and sponsors are professionally researched while tracking their athletic performance.

The Backstory 

Along with running USAIS, Robert Pizzini is also the owner of the popular iFLY establishment in Virginia Beach, Virginia. In April 2017, iFLY Virginia Beach was selected to host the first U.S. National Indoor Skydiving Competition. 147 athletes and their support teams from across the U.S. and six other countries came together to compete at the event. Professionally sponsored teams including the U.S. Army’s Golden Knights, Team Red Bull, and the Canadian National Team. It’s because of 2017’s success that iFLY Virginia Beach was selected to host the mega event once again with the 2018 U.S. Nationals. With national and international attention continuously growing around the sport, NISL is elevating the movement and bringing new opportunities to its players and athletic sponsors.